Baby's Needs: Her Stroller Bag!

Baby's Needs: Her Stroller Bag!

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Let's think about what our baby needs before going for our usual walk in the sun. Today I will put a light dress, a hat, the protective cream and in the bag of the stroller I will put, prepare to the list!: The umbrella, a jacket in case it cools, a couple of diapers, wipes and cream for the butt, a travel changing table to support you, a bottle with water, a spare pacifier, gauze in case you have reflux, a bib, some tissues, a rattle, a cube, a shovel, the favorite toy that your grandmother gave you, a change of clothes just in case ..., a thermos with boiled water and a small bottle of powdered milk, perhaps a little pot for a snack and a few cookies would also be convenient ... just in case.

It sounds like you, right? Don't you think we would need a trailer attached to our baby's stroller to carry their things?

We keep thinking and horror! The situation could be even more dramatic! Let us think that it is a rainy or windy day and we must necessarily go somewhere, for example, to the school of the older brother, that the circumstance occurs that our destination is far from our house, that we have to do the daily shopping or weekly, that we are forced to use public transport, that we go with a fixed hour ... our baby's stroller is becoming more and more unapproachable! I already said that I have had back pain for several months! You may wonder how long will you have to carry so many items? I would like to answer that only a few months, but no.

Perhaps, being positive, you will think that when our babies are a little older, they themselves will be delighted to carry their backpack and they are, but what will they carry in it? Well, unless you prepare it for them, they will most likely carry witty objects such as a stone, a flashlight, a drawing, their brother's pacifier ... and, with a bit of luck, a little bottle! of water! Well, it seems that we will have to be in shape for a few more years and pull the car in this adventure of being parents.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor.

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