Juggling becomes fashionable among children

Juggling becomes fashionable among children

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Recently, my daughter, very animated, came home telling me that her plastic teacher had commissioned her to do a craft. She asked her and her classmates to investigate how juggling balls are made, so that they could make them. Of course we went to the Internet, and we have found many ways to juggle balls, although we stayed with the simplest, with which we ended up making a video for our site. We have had a very, very fun time.

We have found that crafting the balls is as much fun as juggling with them. Making the balls brings benefits for children's fine motor skills, while juggling provides many benefits, both mental and physical. Juggling is not a sport but it helps in the development of muscles, agility, flexibility and balance in general in children. Juggling is not a mathematical equation, but it helps children achieve greater concentration, coordination of movements, and creativity. In addition, it is an ideal game to get rid of stress. A highly recommended activity for very nervous and agitated children.

Surely you have ever seen a juggling show, at a circus, birthday party or even in the parks and streets. Although there are several juggling techniques, the one that is best known is that which consists of a sequence of movements that aim to keep the balls or other objects in the air. Juggling is the art of skillfully manipulating objects in a coordinated way.

There are accounts that tell that juggling may have been born in Ancient Egypt, 4 thousand years ago BC, when paintings were found in the tombs of a pharaoh, which represented people throwing objects into the air. Also in ancient Greece, between the 4th and 5th centuries BC, jugglers appeared painted on vases or carved into ceramic works. However, it was with the Roman Empire that the art of juggling became better known and portrayed in drawings, mosaics, sculptures, etc. With the fall of the Empire, juggling also disappeared. Then, in the Middle Ages it was reborn, although as an marginalized and frowned upon art. It was only from the 18th century that juggling began to be practiced by clowns in street shows. In the 20th century, the International Juggling Association (International Juggling Association), an international group of magicians who bet on the recognition of juggling as an art. And from there, we've all won too, don't you think?

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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