Jail for parents who do not give affection to their children

Jail for parents who do not give affection to their children

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Parents who abuse their children psychologically and do not provide them with the love and attention they need must be brought to justice. This is not said by me, it is said by the British government, which is studying passing legislation that criminalizes this type of behavior with children. It is popularly known as the 'Cinderella Law'which was presented by the NGO Action for Children and received with great interest by the English government.

The English are studying to pass this law that will penalize anyone who treats their child "in a way that causes him unnecessary suffering or damages his health, including injuries that lead to blindness, hearing problems, damage to limbs, organs or any other problem mental." Also included in the sentence are those parents who impede the emotional, intellectual, social or behavioral development of their children.

What is the objective of this proposal? Punishing parents not only who abuse their children physically but also emotionally because do not properly care for, care for, protect or educate their children and do not provide them with adequate love and attention.

Personally, I believe that anyone who causes physical harm to a minor, and even more so, if it is repeated over time, must be duly punished since it attacks a being who cannot defend himself and is an intolerable abuse. Minors must be the object of our care and protection above all else. However, with this series of measures there is room for another approach:

- What happens if someone observes a behavior of a parent who is yelling at a child and denounces him for psychological abuse, without thinking that it may be a specific moment in which the father has lost his nerve or the child has made a really fat mischief . What if that father does provide the necessary love, environment and care for his son and is deprived of contact with his son?

- What if these measures are used by the spouse as a measure to distance his ex-partner from his children in a complicated divorce process? It is not uncommon to lie before the judge to win custody of children.

Emotionally neglecting children could land British parents up to 10 years in prison. Experts have already described this proposal as barbaric since even behaviors such as smoking or drinking in front of the children could be a crime.

The question is: is this the right way to eradicate the psychological and physical abuse of children? what do you think?

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