How to carry the baby in a caboo. Baby carrier

How to carry the baby in a caboo. Baby carrier

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The caboo it is a type of ergonomic baby carrier to carry babies since they are newborns. It consists of two parts, a backpack and a sleeping bag, and it is also very easy to place and adjust.

In Guiainfantil We teach you how to wear a caboo and adjust it perfectly so that your baby feels comfortable and well supported. Newborns need their head and back to be well fixed to avoid injuries, and with this carry you will ensure that they maintain the most appropriate position.

  • An ergonomic caboo.

Tip: Position the sleeping bag well so that the baby's back is fully supported.

1. Put the backpack on as if they were suspenders.

2. Make room for the baby by loosening the rings.

3. Position the baby by tucking one leg into each hole.

4. Open the straps so that the baby is better supported and his back is well positioned.

5. Lastly, place the sleeping bag on the baby's back and knot it like a belt.

In collaboration withMaria Algueró, carrying instructor and child specialist.

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