The marks on the woman's body after childbirth

The marks on the woman's body after childbirth

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Women who have gone through pregnancy and childbirth know that these processes leave marks on our body, visible or invisible. A lucky few, in addition to the celebrities, they are lucky to regain their silhouette and feel as if nothing had happened to their body, however, this is not the most frequent and this is how the photographer has captured it Jane Beall.

Beall made a photographic series dedicated to all the women who had been mothers and published a book entitled A beautiful body book project. She captured images, without any type of digital alteration, of women after pregnancy and childbirth. We can see bellies with stretch marks, tummies that were flabby, scars from caesarean sections ... and yet, she embodies the beauty, safety and magnificence of motherhood despite everything.

Urinary incontinence, stretch marks on the belly and chest, soft abdomen, extra kilos, scars that indicate a cesarean section, others reminiscent of episiotomy ... Pregnancy is a process that usually leaves its mark on a woman's body and most of us burdened during the following months trying to regain the elasticity and shape that we had. Some succeed and many others don't.

There is a strong pressure exerted on us by images of famous women whose bodies are as before after 1 month. The way they recover has always seemed incredible to me. There are urban legends about it, I have even heard that many of them resort to cesarean section to undergo a tummy tuck on the same operating table. Doctors explain to us that this is still a myth, what is true is that they have all the means and money to recover their image.

The goal of the 'normal women on foot' is to get up the next day and face another day exhausted by the lack of hours of sleep, take care of our children and our houses and put our baby in our priorities, we will think about trying to return to be in shape.

What happens if we don't get back to the way we were before? Should we feel ugly and undesirable? If the marks of pregnancy remain on our body, should we get depressed? Jean Beall's project is the answer to all these questions. All your images, devoid of photographic retouching, they show beautiful, strong and confident women who show their pregnancy marks without shame or qualms. They are brands that speak of motherhood and tell us that all of them decided to become mothers for reasons much more important than a few scars on the body.

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