Christmas postcards. Congratulation with tweezers

Christmas postcards. Congratulation with tweezers

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During Christmas the house is filled with different Christmas decoration motifs: the tree, tinsel, stars, holly, candles ... everything reflects the joy felt during these holidays and the illusion of children.

One of the most typical elements of these dates are the Christmas postcards. Now almost all of them are electronic, via sms or e-mail ... but it is a good experience for children to recover these traditions with ideas like this greeting card with tweezers.

  • Green card
  • White cardboard
  • Colored string
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Needle
  • Glue
  • Awl
  • Zeal
  • Rule
  • Black marker
  • Small colored tweezers

1. To form the base of our card, we are going to cut a 15 x 30 cm rectangle. and to fold it in half. Thus, we will have a double card measuring 15 x 15 cm.

2. Place the ruler on the card, make 5 holes, starting from the 5 cm margin and with 1 cm. of separation between each one. Do the same on the other side, to be able to pass the strings and make them straight.

3. Cut five pieces of twine of different colors. With the help of a needle, pass the strings through the holes in the card, so that they are in five parallel lines. Secure with tape, cut off the excess ends, and if you want, reinforce with a piece of cardboard spread with glue.

4. Cut out five rectangles (you can shape them with the die cutter or scissors) and write 'MERRY' in red, one letter in each rectangle. At the bottom of the green card write 'CHRISTMAS', to complete the greeting.

5. Hang the white cardboard rectangles with the letters on the strings, using small colored clothespins. Place them at different heights, as you like best.

6. You already have your Christmas card! Remember that you can use the same design to write the message that you like the most.

Here is the video that explains how the card is made step by step. And if you want to see many more Christmas postcard crafts enter HERE

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