How to make a child's room a fairytale place

How to make a child's room a fairytale place

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Today we want to propose a new decoration theme with which to help you make your child's room become a dream place where they can live their own adventures.

Using your imagination you can make his room look like an enchanted forest, a spaceship or a pirate ship sailing the seas.

First look for the central theme of the decoration on which all the elements will revolve: princesses and fairies, cars, boats, space, the circus, fairy tale characters ... Look for images that inspire you and get to work.

The walls must have a background color according to that theme. For example, for girls the colors will be in soft pastel tones like pink, lavender, light blue. To recreate a forest or the jungle you will use greens and browns and for your cabin boy you will play with blues, reds and whites. Do not complicate too much since to finish off the decoration the most advisable thing is the use of murals, vinyls or stickers that will give the final touch to the environment.

Themed furniture will also be of great help when it comes to getting the setting you are looking for. The bed is the central element. There are beds that simulate cars, boats, ships, princess castles ... The drawback I see is that in a few years, when the child grows up, you will have to change them for more functional furniture. What I advise you is that if you decide to buy them, do not spend a lot of money. You can buy a conventional bed and then 'tune it up' in some way: with canopies and tulle fabrics for your little princess, a ship's rudder for your pirate, steering wheels for the little drivers….

You will also need a storage item and some small table or desk.

Fabrics and textile accessories are also important. Sheer fabrics and delicate prints for girls' rooms, cottons and fur for boys. And don't forget the coordinating cushions.

To finish the small details: lamps, dolls, boxes, hanging mobiles, poufs, ... endless elements that will help our children live their own fantasies in their own room.

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