A chick named Llito. Stories for children

A chick named Llito. Stories for children

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Many, many years ago, a chick named Llito lived with his family. Every day Mama Gallina went out with her chicks for a walk. Mama Gallina led the way and the chicks followed behind.

Llito was always the last in line. Suddenly he saw something moving on a leaf. He was amazed at what he saw. It was a worm. Mama Gallina and her brothers were already far away. When Llito saw that his family was not close, he began to cry.

- Pio pio pio pio! - What's the matter? Asked the little worm.

- My mom and my brothers are gone and I'm lost.

- Don't worry my friend. Let's go find them, said the little worm.

- Come on, come on! They both said.

On the way they met the cat, who asked them:

- Meow, where are you going?

- My mother and my brothers have left and I am lost, said Llito very sad.

- I'll go with you to look for them, said the cat. - Come on, come on! They said in chorus.

After a while they came across a dog.

- Jau, where are you going? He asked.

- My mother and my brothers have left and I am lost, said Llito crying.

- Jau, I'll go with you to find them.

- Go Go! - They said in chorus.

And so the dog, the cat, the little worm and Llito walked and walked looking for Mama Gallina.

- Llito, Llito! Where are you? Mama Gallina shouted in the distance.

- It's my mom! Llito exclaimed. The dog barked "Jau, jau". The cat meowed "Meow, meow and the little worm crawled. They all jumped happily. At last they had found Mother Hen.

The dog, the cat, the little worm, Llito and his family hugged each other and laughed with happiness.

- Thank you for taking care of my son. I invite you to my house to eat corn cake - said Mama Gallina.

-Go Go! - They all said. Upon arriving at the house, Mama Gallina served them the delicious cake. Our friends ate everything, everything, everything. And as Don Mabo would say, this story is over.


This story has been sent by Lourdes del C. Hernández (Puerto Rico)

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