Creative celebrity parents for their children

Creative celebrity parents for their children

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Singers and actresses who develop their artistic side in favor of childhood


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Actress Jamie Lee Curtis He has two grown children and lives in a little house in the mountains. One of his great passions is children's literature. She has written several books based on her experience as a foster mother. Among them, that of 'Tell me again the night I was born', a book that talks about the issue of adoption from the perspective of a young girl and is suitable for children from 6 years old.

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TO model Heidi Klum he loves children. She spends a long time with her children and also dedicates part of her creativity in the world of fashion designing children's clothing. She works for Toys'R'Us and designs everything from baby clothes to children's furniture, strollers and crib clothes. He has experience, and a lot. With four children, surely inspiration is not lacking.

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The Mexican singer Thalía she was tired of getting up every night to put a pacifier on his daughter Sabrina. So one day he decided to tell her a story. That story became a story, and it can help many other babies to give up the pacifier or pacifier. The story he wrote is titled Chupi, the Binky who returned home ', and the protagonist of the story, how could it be otherwise, is Sabrina, his daughter.

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The singer Ricky Martin he adores his twin sons (Valentino and Matteo). For this reason, he did not hesitate to dedicate the song 'The best of my life is you', a declaration of love towards them. He says the song came to him while watching his children play on the beach. In that moment, he says, he felt they were the best he had and will ever have.

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Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi he is proud of his daughter Mikaela (only two years old when she composed her album '8') and does not hesitate to rave about her. So much so, that he has dedicated a song from his album '8' to him. The song is called 'Llegaste Tú', and he sings it in duet together with Juan Luis Guerra. In it he explains how the birth of his daughter shaped his life forever.

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The singer Madonna decided to launch into the world of children's literature when his daughter Lourdes She was still little and read stories (she was seven years old at the time). The first book he published is entitled 'The English Roses', and it deals with jealousy, envy and true friendship. This book, in story format, would be followed by four more. All of them talk about important values ​​(such as not judging people by appearances or the importance of humility) and have been very successful on the shelves of bookstores and libraries, and are aimed at children from 8 years old.

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The Colombian singer Shakira, sings, dances, writes and even designs toys. She wrote a 'Dora the Explorer' book to raise funds for the Pies Descalzos Foundation (which helps underprivileged children in her country). And now she's also trying out as a baby toy designer (for the Fisher-Price firm), surely inspired by her son Milan's favorite games. Among the toys designed by the singer, a musical hammock, blocks to learn the letters of the alphabet and a musical ball. All that you collect from the sale of these toys will, once again, go to the Pies Descalzos Foundation.

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