A virtual girl who unmasks pedophiles

A virtual girl who unmasks pedophiles

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The new child exploitation does not lead children to work in underground caves filled with coal or on endless mountains built from garbage. You can find the new child exploitation in the Network of networks: Internet. There are organized mafias that use children as a 'hook' for the thousands of sexual predators who surf the web. One of the countries where this type of virtual tourist claim is used is the Philippines.

Aware of this, the Dutch organization Terre de Hommes (Society that protects the Fundamental Rights of Man), created an imaginary avatar as a hook: a 10-year-old Filipino girl with a very sweet name, Sweetie. She just had to appear in different chats, doing nothing. The hook quickly caught thousands of pedophiles.

Sweetie He managed to unmask thousands of pedophiles around the world in just 10 weeks. In fact, one of them was tried and entered prison. She was just an image, without life or feelings. But the sad reality is that there are thousands of children, flesh and blood, forced to pose as Sweetie at the mercy of the clutches of true sexual predators.

It is estimated that in Asia alone, more than one million children are sexually exploited. This violates the most elementary Fundamental Right in children: that of dignity. Children exploited on the Internet see their physical and moral integrity undermined. They make them adults before their time. They deprive them of childhood. They leave psychological sequelae for life.

All this makes one think, and a lot, how dangerous it can be for a child to surf the Internet alone. In how necessary it is for a parent to be attentive. Even more so now, in the middle of the digital age, where children with just 6 months of age grab the mobile and play on its screen, skillfully handle the tablet with just two years and investigate on YouTube with five. I know children who at the age of 8 created a profile on Social Networks. And with 12 they already believe they are adults.

The only tools that parents have are information, communication with children and that little warning light that we must never lose sight of.

Terre des Hommes - Sweetie Case film from Lemz on Vimeo.

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