How to treat edema in pregnancy

How to treat edema in pregnancy

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Known as physiological edema of pregnancy, affects 80% of women. It is more noticeable mainly in the lower limbs and can range from an almost imperceptible increase at the height of the ankles to preventing the pregnant woman from wearing her usual footwear. Sometimes it produces a lot feeling of heaviness in the legs and difficulty walking normally.

Edema requires monitoring, any sudden increase in size or appearance on the face, eyelids ... we must go to the emergency room, as it is sometimes related to hypertensive pathology of pregnancy such as pre-eclampsia.

1. In the normal pregnant woman despite the appearance of edema a low sodium diet is not recommended or taking diuretics, in fact, are in most cases, contraindicated in pregnancy.

2. To alleviate edema we must try not standing for a long time without moving. The activation of the lower limbs, through dorsiflexion exercises, circular exercises and others, will help the better venous return and the relief of symptoms.

3. If you have the opportunity, exercise in the pool, since this means will not only allow you to do physical activity with a feeling of weight loss. Water as a medium favors the drainage of the legs, due to the hydrostatic pressure it exerts on the submerged body. Water work is fully recommended for any pregnancy without complications and is especially beneficial when you have these types of problems.

4. Rest with the legs a little raised, it will also help you. Not only when you go to bed but also when you sit down during the day, try to elevate your legs.

5. Avoid tight clothing style socks, knee stockings, cuffed pants or excessively tight. Instead, your midwife or gynecologist may recommend specific compression stockings if they deem it necessary.

6. A draining massage for pregnant women, hot and cold contrast baths on the legs ... can be of great help too, especially in summer, since the heat only aggravates the discomfort caused by edema. Do not forget to consult with your reference midwife, any questions that may arise.

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