Baby sleep disorders

Baby sleep disorders

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The most frequent causes of childhood sleep disorder are, in most cases (around 98 percent), established bad habits. They are not children who suffer from a disease, nor do they have psychological problems, but we have not let them learn to sleep alone.

If we are with them until they fall asleep, it is usual that if they wake up they miss the adult and call him, and that they do not want to be alone until they fall asleep. This is a habit that they have to learn, and for which they are prepared before we imagine.

Nightmares, many times, are caused by a movie that they have seen, a story that they have been told, the fear of a monster or a thief coming ... It is very common for children to pass by phases of fearBut in these cases, by allowing the child to sleep with the adult, we are unintentionally reinforcing that fear, because the secondary gain of the child who sleeps in bed with Mom and Dad makes the fear become encrusted and not disappear. In any case, sometimes the child's fear is of such intensity that it is necessary to train him in self-control and relaxation strategies in order to overcome it.

The biological rhythm of the newborn is repeated every 3 or 4 hours, and from the third or fourth month of life babies begin to make changes in their biological rhythm to gradually abandon these 3-4 hour cycles to the biological rhythm of the adult (24 hours). For the baby to be able to adjust this biological clock, it needs external stimuli, which will be precisely those that the parents will have to learn to handle. These are: light-dark, noise-silence. That is why, when babies sleep during the day, we should not do anything to mitigate the noise in the room, it is good that we let the sunlight in. However, at night it is advisable to put him down in the crib without light and without noise, and making sure that he is as comfortable as possible, with the diaper changed, the gases expelled ... This is essential so that they can distinguish between sleep and wakefulness.

It will help us to establish a routine, with established times for food, bath and bedtime. Bathing before bed will help relax your child. But it is also essential to teach babies, from an early age, to acquire correct sleep habits. Allow them to sleep on their own in their crib, where they can have a doll, the pacifier ..., it will help them to associate that the time has come to sleep ... but, the adult should not remain singing or rocking him until he falls asleep.

To promote this learning, we must establish a routine and do the same every day and, above all, adults must be very calm so that they are able to transmit security and tranquility to the child. If we are insecure, we transmit it to the child, who of course notices it, becomes restless and that makes it difficult for him to sleep. Adults must transmit security to the child, so that he understands that staying alone is normal and that nothing will happen to him. If we leave with doubts or with a feeling of guilt about leaving him alone, the child will notice, he will get nervous and it will cost him much more to fall asleep.

After half a year of life, children are able to fall asleep alone, in the dark in their room, and sleep through the night at once, what happens, many times, is that we have not left them the opportunity to learn to fall asleep alone. If we teach them correct habits, we will be able to largely prevent sleep problems in children.

Children, who at 5 years have not overcome sleep problems, are more likely to suffer them throughout their lives than others who sleep well, so we must be vigilant, to tackle them as soon as possible, since in addition, at these ages they are easier to solve.

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