Cooking recipes for children

Cooking recipes for children

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We put together a selection of the best cooking recipes for children. They are fun recipes, with a strong family flavor. We suggest that the food of the little ones be as simple as possible to be successful in the selection of the children's menu.

We believe that the simplicity and tradition of the recipes are the secrets so that parents do not get stressed out in the struggle to make the child eat well.

Here are some tips for children to have fun, both eating and preparing food in the kitchen:

- Food is not a reward, it is not a punishment.

- Food should not be an outlet for children's tensions and anxiety.

- Food must have its place, its time and its control.

- Food must be prepared in a quiet and clean environment. Before sharing the kitchen with the children, check if there are no objects or furniture that could represent a risk for the little ones.

- Tasks such as putting and removing the oven dish, using the kitchen, etc., must be carried out by an adult.

Dorayakis for breakfast. How to make chocolate Dorayakis for children's snacks or breakfast. Simple recipe for children based on Doraemon's drawings.

Tuna and cucumber dolls. Fun and vitamins, all are advantages in these edible tuna and cucumber dolls that your children will love and will make them eat vegetables and fish. canape recipe to cook with children from cucumber and tuna.

Cookie Pops for children. Cookie pops for children. Fun cookies with chocolate

Salad with cherry tomatoes. Fun salad with scrambled eggs and mushrooms made from tomato and sausage. How to decorate children's food. Ideas to decorate that children eat vegetables. Tomato mushrooms and salad with cheese and scrambled eggs.

Macedonia of tropical fruits. How to make a fruit salad for children. our site offers us a colorful, happy, healthy and refreshing dessert: a tropical fruit salad. Quick and easy recipe.

Homemade jelly beans. Parents should encourage and teach children to express their emotions freely and without censorship or judgment. Children should not be ashamed to cry when they feel like crying. Crying or crying is a way for them to vent and get rid of stress.

Spiders with cherry tomato. At children's parties we can prepare healthy and quick snacks like these spiders with cherry tomatoes, a very fun recipe for children that you can cook with them. Spider-shaped cherry tomatoes recipe for children.

Tomato and olive ladybugs. The starters and appetizers are one of the best options when cooking with children. These are usually easy recipes, with simple ingredients, that are prepared quickly and do not involve danger, as is the case with this recipe for tomato and olive ladybugs.

Pepperoni pizza. Homemade pizza recipe for children. How to make a crispy and tasty pizza dough at the same time. How to make a homemade pepperoni, cheese and olive pizza with the children. our site offers you a quick and easy recipe.

Canape with funny face. So that the children eat vegetables and do not get bored, prepare this canapé with a funny face for children, very original !.

Vanilla and chocolate cookies. Vanilla Chocolate Bunny Cookie Recipe. Cookies decorated in the shape of a bunny. Easter bunny cookie recipe for kids. Easy recipes for Easter with children.

Pasta nest with chicks. Fun pasta and cheese nest recipe with chicks from eggs for kids. Funny cooking recipe. A good presentation is always important when we cook, especially if it is a recipe for children like these nests of pasta with egg chicks.

Potato balls with cheese. Recipe for potato balls stuffed with cheese. our site offers us an original recipe, simple and very quick to prepare: delicious potato balls stuffed with cheese. Ideal for an aperitif or first course.

Carrot muffin. Carrot Muffins. The Easter bunny is one of the best known symbols of Holy Week. Make a recipe for kids for bunny-shaped carrot muffins.

TRaposo bear cake. Ragged Bear fondant cake. our site teaches us how to make a cake of our rag bear for children, step by step, an ideal option to surprise the little ones in the house.

Colored rice balls. How to make colored rice balls for children. Fun recipe for colored rice balls. Original recipes from our site for a children's party. How to make colored rice balls step by step.

Yogurt cake. This yogurt cake with lemon and cinnamon is a homemade recipe and very easy to introduce children to the delicious world of desserts and cooking. In addition, it is a very traditional recipe, ideal for breakfast, home and school snacks, and as a dessert or for birthdays.

Carrot, apple and orange juice. Juices are an important source of vitamins and ideal for hot weather, so we recommend a recipe for children of carrot, apple and orange juice. An easy and quick recipe to make and that has many health benefits.

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