The newborn who does not want to be separated from his mother

The newborn who does not want to be separated from his mother

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There are multiple studies that speak of the importance of putting the baby skin-to-skin with the mother from the first moment of his birth. And it is that from the first moments of life the bodily bond with the newborn is essential, physical contact with their parents helps to strengthen attachment and affective communication.

The best proof of this, more than any study, is the video that has traveled social networks in which a newborn baby by caesarean section clings to his mother's face with his little arms while the nurse tries to take him away to clean him. A really moving video that shows that the Affective bond between parents and children is generated from the first moments of life.

The video is really shocking: a mother lying on a stretcher after a cesarean section, she can hardly move or hug her baby. The nurse brings the newborn closer to his mother's face and he immediately hugs her. When the nurse tries to take him away, the little boy begins to cry and resist while clings to his mother's face. The nurse insists on several occasions to remove the baby from his mother's side and he, with his little arms, desperately tries to prevent that from happening.

It may seem that a baby in its first days or weeks of life is a passive little person who is not aware of what is happening around him. However, if you look closely, you will see how the newborn responds to your kisses, caresses or affection. In the same way, he expresses himself by crying if he does not like something: he is sleepy, hungry or has made a dirty diaper.

The bond between parents and children arises from the moment when we begin to interact with our babies at birth through caresses, kisses, looks, breastfeeding ... The baby recognizes the person who cares for and cares for him and is comfortable in his company.

The American pediatricians Marshal Klaus and John Kennel, stated already in 1976 that the maternal bond is a bond that is created between the baby and the mother from the first weeks of pregnancy, it is fed throughout life with the experiences and stimuli between both that produce security, comfort, care or pleasure between both and last a lifetime.

This video demonstrates this theory, since the baby recognizes his mother and he feels the need to be with her from his first second of life.

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