Maternity leave in Argentina

Maternity leave in Argentina

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Argentine laws establish a series of rights for working moms included in maternity leave, which starts once the woman can justify, through a medical certificate, that she has become pregnant.

Maternity leave in Argentina applies to working women who are going to have or adopt a child and has a duration of 90 days to be distributed in 45 days before delivery and 45 after, or 30 days before giving birth and 60 for be able to enjoy the newborn baby. If by any chance the delivery is brought forward without having the possibility of enjoying the days off prior to delivery, these will accumulate and you will be able to enjoy the 90 days after the birth of the child.

The National Administration of Social Security in Argentina (ANSES) offers the possibility of charging not only for maternity leave, but also in cases such as when you get married, when you expect a baby and even when a child is born or adopted. In addition, these payments may be made monthly or in full.

But since what interests us now is maternity leave, it should be noted that ANSES will pay the working mother's salary in full for the duration of her maternity leave.

In principle, the working woman should return to her job, although there are also other options such as a leave of absence of between 3 and 6 months, although during this period the mother will not receive any salary, neither from her company nor of ANSES. Another option is the resignation of the job in which the compensation of 25% of the salary per year worked will be received.

If the choice is to return to work, the working woman will have the right to two daily breaks of 30 minutes to be able to breastfeed the baby, something called the lactation period and which lasts for one year after the date of delivery.

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