Types of baby formula milk

Types of baby formula milk

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Many mothers are unable to breastfeed and still others have chosen not to for personal reasons. Although breast milk is the most complete food for your baby, formula milk appears on the market as the perfect substitute for breastfeeding.

However, the wide variety of formula milk that we can find, with their different presentations and compositions, can mislead us when choosing the best formula for baby. Taking into account that you always have to consult with the pediatrician to find out the baby's needs, we remember the different types of formula milk that we can find.

Although all formula milks available on the market contain all the nutrients that your baby needs, their composition varies on some occasions. The most frequent is the formula based on Cow milk, although the milk is slightly modified to facilitate its digestion. And is that the baby will not be ready for cow's milk as such until at least 1 year of age.

- For those babies who do not tolerate cow's milk well, who have difficulties digesting it and also for vegetarian families, there is the formula based on soy milk. In this case, the proteins that your baby eats are vegetable proteins and there are those who claim that it is the most suitable milk to reduce colic in the baby.

- There are more specific formula milks for babies with lactose intolerance, formulas especially indicated for premature babies, for babies with allergies and even fortifying formulas for breast milk. With all this variety, it is difficult to opt for the best feeding for your baby, but remember that the choice should be made taking into account the recommendations of the pediatrician.

In addition to its composition, the market offers different types of formula milk according to its preparation. Logically, the most comfortable are the ones that come ready to drink, but they are also the most expensive. Keep in mind that the first months, your baby will demand a large number of daily feedings.

The formula milk option concentrated liquid it is one of the most common. This type of formula must be mixed in equal parts with water and it is also quite comfortable. For your baby to feed correctly with this type of milk and obtain all the nutrients it needs, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's preparation recommendations.

But the most popular formula milk is powdered formula. In addition to being the cheapest option, it is also the most accurate, since you can choose the quantities yourself according to the nutritional needs of your baby. It is the perfect formula if you are breastfeeding your baby and want to reinforce his feeding.

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