A baby with a 36 letter name!

A baby with a 36 letter name!

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When I saw this news on a Mexican television channel, it seemed incredible to me. It's really just one of the many outlandish situations in which parents, intentionally or not, expose their children by giving them strange and unusual names.

Brhadaranyakopanishadvivekachudamani Erreh Munoz. Surely, this is the longest name in the entire history of Mexico and the world. A 36-letter name, not including Erreh Muñoz. In this case, it seems that the name was proposed by the baby's grandfather who, inspired by a book of Hindu poems, suggested it to the baby's father, who gave it to his son, in Coahuila, Mexico.

And you may be asking me, what does this name mean? As far as I have learned, this very long name merges the names of two Indian thinkers. Part of the name means "the man becomes what he does" and the other "the pure man". Due to its size, it is an almost unpronounceable name and difficult to remember. As for the second name, Erreh, it means "husband, refuge, rosary, wife and son".

When parents decide to name their baby, they think of family names, friends, names that have a special meaning, movie characters, etc., but even if it sounds bad, it is not that big. For this reason, possibly this name will enter the Guinness book of records.

This fact has been known on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the enactment of the Civil Registry Law in Mexico, which has coincided with the "My name is forever" campaign. The campaign aims to make parents of 38 municipalities in Coahuila aware that before their baby is born, they choose a name that is easy to write, pronounce and remember, since in Mexico rare and creative names such as "Zoila Vaca del Campo" are traditional. "Hitler" or "Michel Jackson". I believe that if the "creativity" of parents in Mexico is not curbed, it will be difficult for a child to pronounce or write their own name.

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