Albino children. Albinism in childhood

Albino children. Albinism in childhood

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What is albinism. Albinos are blond children, very blond. So blond that her hair looks white or gray. His skin is pale and his eyes are blue. The eyebrows and eyelashes are also white. They are children with extreme sensitivity to light, and with many problems in eyes. But why does albinism occur?

Albinism is nothing other than the lack of pigmentation in the skin, eyes and hair. The problem with these children is that their bodies do not produce enough melanin. It is a congenital condition. They are born with it. And worst of all, there is no cure, although it is not a degenerative disease. It affects people of all races, all countries and all social strata.

Child albino she may have brown parents with dark eyes and black hair. But it is precisely his parents who carried the gene for albinism. If both parents have the gene for albinism but are not albinos, their children will have a 25 percent chance of being born albinos. An amniocentesis will be able to detect if the fetus is going to develop it at birth.

However the albinism it occurs in very few cases (it is estimated that it is 1 in 20,000 people). In order for a child to be born an albino, his parents must have that gene and pass it on to him.

Children albinosthey have very fair skin. The hair is almost white and the eyes are usually blue or purple (although there are cases of albino children with red and brown eyes).

Its main problem lies in the skin and eyes. Albinism causes vision problems (it is associated with low vision). Over time it can cause blindness. This is because they also have abnormal retinal development and optic nerve connection problems. It is precisely the ophthalmologist who in many cases diagnoses albinism when in doubt.

Children albinos they are also extremely sensitive to light and have to protect the skin in an exceptional way. They cannot sunbathe without protection in any case. They should avoid the sun's rays by wearing clothing and a suitable protective cream.

In many cases, albinism is something that is obvious. Hair, eyes, skin, everything catches our attention. However, there are other children who are albinos and do not know it, because their hair is brown or their skin is not alarmingly pale. These are the types of albinism that exist:

1- Oculacutaneous albinism: affects skin, hair and eyes. Within this type of albinism there are two subcategories.

to) In the most severe of cases, there is no melanin. The hair is white, the skin is pink, the eyes are blue or purple. They do not have moles or freckles. They suffer from severe vision problems.

b) In these cases, there is a minimal synthesis of melanin. Children may have darker hair and eyes and have moles.

2- Partial albinism (eye or skin or hair): it affects only the eyes, skin or hair. They may have a simple white streak in their hair, or skin pigmentation problems. Or just have severe vision problems characteristic of albinism.

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