Second pregnancy: the advantages of being an expert mother

Second pregnancy: the advantages of being an expert mother

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The second pregnancy is different from the first in many ways. Knowing the process and development of pregnancy allows you to plan it, experience it more calmly and enjoy it more.

After having gone through a first pregnancy, the female body is better prepared for the second. Reaction and adaptation times of the female anatomy are shortened, in some cases they are reduced by half. The memory of hormonal changes is maintained and, as a consequence, labor is facilitated.

The typical disorders of pregnancy, in general, decrease, the tissues gain in elasticity, the cervix, having already dilated once, is now softer and, for this reason, labor time and expulsion are also reduced practically half compared to the first delivery.

In both respects, the benefits are significant. The fear of the first pregnancy before the unknown almost disappears in most pregnant women because they know the changes that their body is going to experience, the medical check-ups that must be carried out, how their body reacts to hormonal changes and what to expect on the day of delivery . Although each pregnancy and each birth is different, even in the same woman, having already gone through the experience is essential for the future mother to gain security.

It is time to learn from the mistakes of the first pregnancy and take care of yourself from the beginning, taking into account that now you have another child who needs your full attention. Caring for the first-born during the gestation of the second is a challenge and an effort, which will also depend on the time interval between both pregnancies. However, since the second pregnancy is ideal to enjoy it from the first moment, take the opportunity to review following a course of preparation for childbirth or maternity education, remember the exercises and breathing techniques to relax during pregnancy and delivery.

Lack of time with a child in the family is the main excuse mothers use to pay less attention to themselves. With the exception of medical controls, which continue to be strictly adhered to, in the second pregnancy it is usually neglected:
- Practicing exercise. Finding an hour a day to be consistent with exercise costs more.
- Attendance at childbirth preparation classes it is reduced in women who already have children also due to lack of time, among other reasons.
- Yoga classes for pregnant women, music to relax the baby or Pilates find less space in the agenda of expert mothers.
- Feeding guidelines in pregnancy, which must always be taken care of, they also relax in the second pregnancy.
- The weightIn relation to the previous point, it is not controlled so much. In some cases due to a poor diet and in others due to lack of exercise, it is more common to gain more weight in the second pregnancy.
- Skin care It is another of the good habits that are often neglected in the second pregnancy. Remember to keep hydrating, applying sunscreen and anti-stretch mark cream to avoid the appearance of spots and stretch marks.

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