Cardboard animals. Crafts for kids

Cardboard animals. Crafts for kids

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An entertaining and beautiful craft for children with which they will have an entertaining time. With the instructions that we give you for this activity and a little imagination and patience, your child will be able to create his own animal farm. Encourage him to do this fun job in his spare time, he will love being able to create his decorative toys.

This children's craft will help childrenDevelop creativity and imagination as they learn to value the importance of caring for the environment and discovering nature.

  • Journals
  • Pipe cleaner
  • pair of scissors

Tips: To make the butterflies more beautiful, use bold and bright colored pages. Take into account the colors of the child's room to match.

1. Draw and cut out the silhouette of each animal twice.

2. Assemble the two pieces as in the image.

3. Make the elephant's ears.

4. Cut out and glue the decorations.

Craft made byAnna Llimós. Parramón Ediciones, S.A.

Video: DIY Crafts. Cardboard Fun. Cardboard crafts ideas. Giraffe, Cheetah Cartoons (June 2022).


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