Children's book jokes

Children's book jokes

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Laughing is great! The best remedy to cheer up, and that does not present contraindications. And if laughter is good, nothing better than sharing it with others. How? Well ... what do you think if we start by telling some jokes?

Jokes stimulate children's good humor, encourage laughter, develop vocabulary, and amuse them. They provoke good and big smiles in your children and their friends.

Why does a math book commit suicide?

- Because he has many problems

- This is Jaimito who goes to the library and says:
- Please, a book of intrigue? And the clerk says:
- I have a very good one. It is about a murderer who kills his wife and children, and the police do not know who he is ...
And Jaimito says:
- And what is the name of the book?
And the clerk says:
- The murderous butler.

The teacher asks Jaimito:

- What 5 books would you take to a desert island?

- Do I have to read five books? !!

- Yesterday I read The Lord of the Rings in two hours

- Just two hours?

- Yes, I know there are 5 words but I'm in no rush

10 short jokes. The best jokes for children are those that have a language adapted to theirs, a simple and easy humor, and that are not excessively long. our site offers us 10 short children's jokes for parents and children to enjoy and laugh out loud. With this compilation of jokes for children that we have prepared, you will laugh a lot.

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Movie jokes. Jokes for kids from movies. our site offers you jokes about opens the curtain. Jokes stimulate good humor, encourage laughter, build vocabulary, and amuse children. Laughter is a basic ingredient for children's health.

Christmas jokes. Read these funny Christmas jokes for your children. our site invites you to tell Christmas jokes, to make children and the whole family laugh on Christmas holidays and night. Jokes about Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, nativity scenes and Christmas shopping.

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Jokes of various topics. Jokes on various topics to laugh with the children. Children's jokes stimulate children's good humor and laughter, as well as favoring their vocabulary and fun. Jokes get big, good smiles from your kids. On our site we offer you varied short jokes.

Jokes for kids. Selection of jokes about children and for children. Children will love hearing or telling jokes in which children are the protagonists. our site has selected the best children's jokes because it considers that laughter is a great benefit for the health of children. Good mood for children.

Food jokes. The best food jokes for kids. Vegetable, fruit and other food jokes. Jokes are a good tool to spark laughter in children. Invite your children to laugh by telling them some jokes. Jokes encourage good humor, laughter, and wake up serotonin.

Friends jokes. Selection of jokes from friends to make children laugh. Children's jokes. Jokes stimulate children's good humor and laughter, as well as favoring their vocabulary, self-esteem and fun. Here are jokes of friends for children.

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