The Wizard of Oz. Stories for children

The Wizard of Oz. Stories for children

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Dorita was a girl who lived on a farm in Kansas with her uncles and their dog Toto. One day, while the girl was playing with her dog around the house, no one noticed that a tornado was approaching. When Dorita saw him, she tried to run towards the house, but her attempt to escape was in vain. The girl tripped, fell, and ended up being carried away, along with her dog, by the tornado.

The uncles saw Dorita and Toto disappear into the sky, without them being able to do anything to prevent it. Dorita and her dog traveled through the tornado and landed in a place totally unknown to them.

There, they met strange characters and a fairy who, responding to Dorita's wish to find their way back home, advised them to go visit the Wizard of Oz. They indicated the yellow brick road, and Dorita and Toto followed him.

On the way, the two came across a scarecrow incessantly asking for a brain. Dorita invited him to join her to see what the Wizard of Oz could do for him. And the scarecrow accepted. Later, they found a tin man who, sitting under a tree, wished he had a heart. Dorita called him to go with them to consult the Wizard of Oz. And they continued on the road. Some time later, Dorita, the scarecrow, and the tin man encountered a lion roaring weakly, startled by Toto's barking.

The lion cried because he wanted to be brave. So tEveryone decided to follow the path to the Wizard of Oz, hoping to make your wishes come true. When they reached the Land of Oz, a guard opened the gate for them, and they were finally able to explain to the wizard what they wanted. The Wizard of Oz put one condition on them: first they would have to kill the cruelest witch in the kingdom, before seeing their problems solved. They accepted them.

When leaving the castle of Oz, Dorita and her friends passed through a field of poppies and that intense aroma made them fall into a deep sleep, being captured by some flying monkeys that came from the bad witch. When they woke up and saw the witch, the only thing Dorita could think of was to throw a bucket of water in the witch's face, not knowing that this was what would make the witch disappear.

The witch's body became a pool of water, a piss. Thus breaking the witch's spell, everyone could see how their wishes were turned into reality, except Dorita. Toto, being very curious, discovered that the magician was nothing but an old man hiding behind his figure. The man had been there for many years but already wanted to leave. For this he had created a magic balloon. Dorita decided to go with him. During the dangerous balloon ride, her dog fell and Dorita jumped after him to save him.

In her fall the girl dreamed of all her friends, and heard how the fairy said to her:

- If you want to return, think: "nowhere is it like home".

And so he did. When he woke up, he heard his uncles screaming and ran off. It had all been a dream! A dream she would never forget ... and neither would her friends.


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