Saint Valerio's Day, February 25. Names for boys

Saint Valerio's Day, February 25. Names for boys

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Valerio is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means "strong" or "robust", therefore it has a very promising meaning that makes it ideal as a name for your child.

It is a name with a great Latin tradition, as its origin is the illustrious Roman family or gens Valeria to which illustrious characters belonged. He celebrates his name day on February 25, which is the day of Saint Valerius.

The name Valerio implies a charismatic personality and is perfectly suited to a true leader. Valerio is impulsive and emotional, but he also knows how to find the necessary temperance to face crisis situations. His natural talent and innate vigor make him succeed in affective relationships and in the professional environment. In addition, Valerio is a committed and very loyal person.

Valerio is a name that is known around the world and in most languages ​​its form changes to Valery, from English to Russian, passing through French.

It is not a common name nowadays, although its use is more widely observed in Italy, but this low popularity is precisely what gives true strength to your child's name, since it is not outdated at all and, instead, it brings distinction . We find the name of your son as a toponym in many places in France in the form of Saint-Valery, but it is in the form of historical figures of Latin tradition that this name has best been transmitted to us.

Thus were many Roman consuls and soldiers named Valerio and even two emperors belonged to this gens Valeria.

The area that most recognizes the name Valerio is that of literature. Writers of antiquity such as Valerio Maximo, poets such as Marco Valerio Marcial, Valerio Flaco or the always brilliant Catulo, whose full name was GayoValerio Catulo. And without leaving literature, but more current, we cannot forget the prolific Italian author of historical novel Valerio Massimo Manfredi.

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