How are observant children

How are observant children

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The observant children are children who by nature want to learn everything that surrounds them, they like to feel that they know something new in any area of ​​life.

The observant children are quieter than usual, but not because they do not know things but because they want to continue learning through this way of behaving.

When children observe, they are not just looking, they are analyzing what is happening around them to find out new things. Shyness is something totally different, since when a child is shy they will be quiet, but not because they are observing what is happening around them, but because they are ashamed to speak in public or say something that could put them in a “risk” situation for your comfort zone.

In observant children this is not the case, they do not mind saying what they think, indeed, they prefer it. But before saying anything they prefer to be sure that what they are saying is correct.

Observation is the most powerful learning tool so they will learn many things almost without being explained to them. They will learn different types of behavior from their parents, they will analyze people just by looking at them, at school they will like to look at the teacher's explanations, it is likely that the subject that they like the most are those in which observation and experimentation are the protagonists , etc.

Thanks to their observation skills, they will be able to learn everything they propose because they will have learned or will know how to do it almost innately to concentrate. They will be able to escape the world, they will be able to put distractions aside so they can focus on whatever they are observing.

If your child is an observant child and you see that he enjoys learning, never doubt this ability. Help him to understand all the information he receives and also help him to classify it, since all the information that he can receive from the outside can be a lot and very varied.

In addition, it is also very important to help observant children (and everyone in general) to have their own criteria before the information they receive from abroad. It is important that they know in addition to filtering that information, that they are able to observe it and have their own criteria, in this way you can learn to make your own decisions in the world you observe and around you.

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