Spring allergy in children

Spring allergy in children

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As spring approaches, seasonal allergies begin and spring asthenia. Many times its symptoms can be confused with a cold: dry cough, red eyes or rhinitis, although its symptoms do not disappear after a few days. The allergy usually appears in childhood and has a high genetic component, that is, the allergy is inheritedto.

Spring allergy is a reaction of the body against a substance that it perceives as harmful, mainly the pollen that many plants spread into the air: oak, olive, grasses, poplars, elms, banana ... Pollen is a very small substance that carries male cells that will allow germination when reaching the destination plant.

On our site we explain the symptoms of pollen and grass allergies in children, how they are diagnosed and what treatment they have.

Allergy to grasses. Allergy to grasses is one of the most common allergies also among children. It is recognized by a picture of sneezing, reddened eyes and constant runny nose in the presence of this type of plant so common.

Pollen allergy. Pollen allergies of children and babies. What are the most common allergies in children, in spring. Children allergic to pollen and plants. Child allergies to spring and pollen. Vaccines for children allergic to pollen. Allergy to grasses in children. Symptoms and treatment

Dust allergy. One of the most common and bothersome respiratory allergies among children is allergy to dust mites. It is also not a seasonal allergy. It is present throughout the year. But what are mites? Where are they? What can we do to avoid this childhood allergy to house dust?

Allergy shots. Children's allergy shots can be quite effective, depending on the type of allergy being treated. Allergy shots consist of injecting a child with a very small amount of the substance or allergen to which they are allergic. These shots can relieve some of the symptoms that children have.

Spring allergy and asthma. How is allergy related to childhood asthma? In an exclusive interview on our site, Dr. Begoña Domínguez, president of the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics, explains and clarifies how allergies develop in children and their relationship with childhood asthma.

Allergy tests. Tests can reveal the specific allergens that affect children with allergies. To detect the allergen, skin tests, blood tests, application or removal tests, stimulus reaction tests and the eyelid test are performed. Based on the results of these tests, treatment will be indicated.

Symptoms of the allergic child. Child allergy or allergic children. The most common allergies in children. our site provides information on allergy symptoms, the allergic child's profile, treatment and vaccinations. Everything so that the children enjoy good health. What is and how is an allergic reaction identified in children.

Home remedy for rhinitis. On our site we offer you a home remedy, very easy to prepare and above all, very inexpensive to relieve sinusitis and rhinitis. How to make sea water at home to clean the nostrils.

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