Eighth month of pregnancy

Eighth month of pregnancy

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There is very little to go before you have your baby in your arms. At this stage of pregnancy, you will feel your baby's movements more clearly, especially his kicks. You may notice more intense contractions and notice that your breast is losing a little milk or colostrum.

An ultrasound will be able to confirm if the baby has already turned head down.

- At this point the rapid growth of the brain continues.

- The baby is already too big to move a lot but can kick hard and roll over.

- You can feel through the wall of your abdomen the shape of an elbow or a heel.

- The bones of the head are soft and flexible to make it easier for the baby to pass through the vagina (the birth canal).

- The lungs may still be immature.

- If born before 37 weeks, the fetus would be premature but would have an excellent chance of survival.

- The fetus now already It measures 45 cm and weighs 2,500 gr.

- This month the budding mother may feel stronger contractions.

- You can see that a little colostrum comes out of your breasts (the liquid that will feed your baby until the milk comes out) because they already begin to form milk.

- It may be that you have difficulty sleeping because it is difficult for you to settle in. Try to sleep by putting several pillows under your head.

- You may feel short of breath as the baby occupies part of the place where the lungs are.

- The baby is also occupying part of the space where your stomach is. Try to eat 5 or 6 smaller meals throughout the day (instead of three large ones).

- The top of your uterus is immediately below your ribs.

After the 32nd week, visit your doctor every two weeks for prenatal care exams.
You should gain 1 pound per week this month.

Call your doctor if:
- Blood or fluid comes out of your vagina.
- You have cramps, stomach aches, or a weak back pain.
- Your vision is blurred, or you see spots in front of your eyes.
- You have the feeling that the baby is pushing down.
- You notice a marked decrease in your baby's movements.
- You have more than 5 contractions in an hour.

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