Animal puppets with ice cream sticks. Kids craft

Animal puppets with ice cream sticks. Kids craft

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Children have many toys, but it does not always mean that it is the best thing for them. There are simple toys that we can make with few materials and that will entertain children much more than a video game. A good example of this is puppets.

Today we propose an entertaining and educational activity for children: making puppets with ice cream sticks. For this you only need the sticks, EVA or felt and a lot of imagination. Complete this craft with a little theater made from a cereal box.

Make some animal puppets with EVA rubber, we propose three jungle animals but you can make the ones you like the most, use your imagination!

  • 3 ice cream sticks
  • Blue, yellow and brown paint
  • Gray, white, yellow, brown, pink and red EVA rubber
  • Brush
  • Marker pen
  • Glue
  • Mobile eyes

1. Paint the popsicle sticks: one blue, one brown and one yellow, and let dry.

2. Make three equal circles on EVA rubber using a glass or round object: One in gray, one in yellow, and one in brown. They will be the heads of the animals.

3. Then cut out the details:

- For the monkey: Cut out the face on pink EVA, and also the ears, making two smaller semicircles.

- For the lion: Draw half a semicircle on brown EVA rubber using the same glass, and use it as a silhouette to complete the mane. Make the ears on yellow, the nose with two white ovals and the nose with a brown triangle.

- For the elephant: Draw the trunk on gray EVA rubber, in pink the end of the trunk and the ears, and in red the mouth.

4. With a permanent black marker, paint the details: the lines of the elephant's trunk, the points of the lion's snout, the monkey's nose and mouth, and the inside of the ears of all the animals.

5. Glue on moving eyes to complete the faces. Then glue the animals onto the ice cream sticks, you have your animals ready!

Video: Family Stick Puppets (May 2022).