Poems for children by Emilio Ballagas

Poems for children by Emilio Ballagas

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Emilio Ballagas He studied Pedagogy, Philosophy and Letters, and was a teacher and director of the Normal School for Teachers in the city of Santa Clara. Among his main books are: Nameless Elegy (1936), Eternal Taste (1939), and Jubilation and flight (1931), from which we take the poems that we reproduce below.

Emilio Ballagas was born in Camagüey, in 1908, and died in Havana, in 1954. In 1987, the Cuban publishing house Gente Nueva published, with the title of Color hunter, a selection of his verses aimed at children's readers.

In Guiainfantil we have compiled several children's poems by Emilio Ballagas so you can read them with your children and thus know the magnificent verses of the Cuban poet.

Fountain of India. Fuente de la India, a poem written by Cuban author Emilio Ballagas. Traditional poems for children. Short poems to encourage reading.

Poem of the ele. La ele, a children's poem written by the Cuban poet Emilio Ballagas. Classic poems to read to children. How to encourage the reading of poetry among children.

The seed. The seed is a short poem written by the Cuban poet Emilio Ballagas and which is contained in his book Hunter of Colors. A poem to read to children.

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