I like how I am. Stories for children

I like how I am. Stories for children

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Once upon a time, there was a boy who had white hair, but white-white, like snow, like cream, like cotton. He was born on a bright sunny day. The parents were so happy that they would not stop smiling, and they excitedly told everyone how beautiful their baby was.

When they left the sanatorium, the sun's rays illuminated Ezequiel's head, and the mother said to the father - Look, he looks like a little angel - Yes, he is the most beautiful baby in the world - the father answered radiantly. This is how Ezequiel grew up, happy, loved and proud of his white, very white hair.

He lived in the countryside until he was 5 years old, there he grew up playing with the animals, feeding the hens and their chicks, he even learned to ride a horse, which his father gave him, especially for him, whom he named Petiso, and became his best friend. One night full of stars, Ezequiel heard the parents talking in the veranda at the entrance of their house.

He approached slowly because he noticed they were worried, when the parents saw him they told him it was too late and he should go to sleep. Ezequiel is so intrigued that he hid behind the door to listen. What a surprise it was! Dads were talking about moving, moving? Yes! Going to live in another house, nothing more and nothing less than the city, and the whole thing was because Ezequiel had to start going to school, and where they lived there was no nearby.

WHAT A JOY! Getting to know the city and having new friends, that seemed like fun. So it was that they gathered their things and moved to a nice little house in the city that was very close to a beautiful school with its walls painted with drawings that the boys had made together with the teachers. Ezequiel was so excited, he couldn't sit still.

He went with his mother to buy the coat and the school supplies, he chose all with the brand of his favorite painting. That night he could hardly sleep, he was so excited. Then came the long-awaited day, the first day of school! Ezequiel got up very early, happy and nervous. He washed his face, his teeth and combed his white-white hair.

That hair that was her special mark in life, that hair that her mother stroked every night before she fell asleep, her beautiful snow hair, as her father called her. He arrived at the school together with his parents, they kissed him at the entrance, and Ezequiel, with a determined step, approached the patio to the first grade row. There he began to feel strange, all the boys were looking at him, not only those of his grade, from all the ranks the greats, the boys, and Ezequiel did not understand why, he wanted the earth to swallow him.

Suddenly a boy came up and said

- Che, why do you have hair like this?

Ezequiel did not answer, he did not know what to say, he wondered - so how, cute as snow? - Before his silence everyone looked at him, some began to laugh and others to carry him, they shouted:

- Cream head, paper head, sugar head!

Ezequiel looked around him and suddenly, with horror, he discovered that there was no boy with very white-white hair like his and it seemed that this bothered the boys at school. He cried silently, as if inside, he no longer liked school, he felt sad and wanted to go home.

The lady greeted them one by one with a kiss and led them to the first grade classroom. The classroom was beautiful, it was decorated with the names of all the boys, with pictures, letters and numbers. But Ezequiel was so sad that he couldn't see how beautiful his classroom was, he just wanted to cry and run.

He sat alone, no one wanted to sit with him, because everyone thought that his hair color made him a weird boy. María Luz, sir, told them that she was going to take a roll call, that as she named them they would stand next to her chair. María Luz began - let the tall ones stand up - the disoriented boys looked at each other - come on, said the lady, stand up tall - The boys stood up.

The lady continued saying, now the short ones, those with red hair, those who wear glasses, those who don't wear glasses, the dark-skinned, the pale ones, those with braces, those with white hair, those with brown hair, those with small teeth, those with big teeth, those who behave well, those who behave badly, the nice ones, the shy ones, the charlatans, the quiet ones, and so on with an endless list.

The boys did nothing but stop, sit down and stand again, because everyone, everyone, everyone, felt named several times. Some were short, talkative, yellow-haired, and sometimes misbehaved. Others were quiet, tall, with small teeth and friendly. Everyone had to get up so many times that they were exhausted.

But the last thing was missing. María Luz said - now stop, those who want to have fun, those who want to learn, those who want to become friends, those who want to play, those who want to laugh- Can you imagine what happened, YES! They all got up together, yelling me, me, me, me, sir. Then, María Luz said.- No matter the differences we have, let's look at what we have in common so that we can respect each other and have a good time all together. Ezequiel had stopped crying. Again he felt happy and eager to be in school.

Suddenly a boy came up and asked if he could sit with him. Ezequiel answered yes. From then on, what I know about this story is that Ezequiel made many, many friends, and another thing they told me was that when it was necessary to act as Santa Claus, they always chose him, which made him feel very , but very proud to have been born with that white hair - very white.


This story has been sent by Lic. Sonia Almada, child psychologist and director of ArAlma, a Mental Health Assistance Center,

And if you or a family member or friend writes children's stories, be sure to send them to us: TELL US A STORY!

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