Tomato and olive ladybugs, fun snack for kids

Tomato and olive ladybugs, fun snack for kids

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Starters and appetizers are one of the best options when cooking with children. These are usually easy recipes, with simple ingredients, that are prepared quickly and do not involve danger, as is the case with this recipe for tomato and olive ladybugs.

This recipe for children, in addition to having a very fun presentation, is a healthy and vegetarian starter. You can also include other ingredients such as cheese, ham or salmon to give more variety at children's parties.

  • Bread toasts
  • Lettuce or endive leaves
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • black olives
  • Oil
  • Salt

Tips: Add cheese spread and a slice of ham to make appetizers more complete.

1. Wash the lettuce well and remove the water to make it stiff. Cut some small leaves and put them on the toast. If you want, you can put cheese, ham, smoked salmon ...

2. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and make a small cut lengthwise to form the body of the ladybug.

3. Place the tomatoes on top of the toasts with the lettuce so that they are well secured. You can use a little cream cheese to better fix the tomato to the bread.

4. Cut the olives in half. One of the halves will be the head, the other will be chopped into very small pieces to make the points of the ladybug.

5. Place the piece of olive in front of the tomato to make the head. With one tweezers or carefully place the olive pieces to make the points. At the moment of serving, add a little oil and salt.

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