What does it mean for a child to dream of giants

What does it mean for a child to dream of giants

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Be afraid of giants it is intrinsic to the human being. Nobody has seen one, but movies, fables and stories rank this fantastic species as one of the most terrifying of all times. Therefore, it is not surprising that many children of all types and conditions fear the appearance of these images, either in reality or in their dreams.

Dreaming of giants is something of the most normal in young children, since feeling fear of this type of legends at a given moment happens to everyone. But what exactly does it mean that our son dream of a giant?

For a boy, respect authority It is usually not an easy task at any given time, but the work of parents to understand what to do is what makes people take responsibility. However, there is a problem when the authority is excessive and the child perceives domestic orders as commands that can make him suffer fear or rejection of later reproach.

When a child dreams of a giant, this dream resource it usually refers precisely to the authority that parents exercise over him as a child in a way that he does not perceive as good. In their dreams with giantsWhat is reflected is that they may have fear or animosity to carry out orders or tasks when they are excessive.

The fact that the giant in question reveals the form of the parents means that the child experiences a psychological conflict when he feels inside that his parents are too authoritarian, and he fears the reproaches that may come after not doing their actions well.

However, this does not always have the same meanings that pertain to authority and fear of parental reproach, but they can also symbolize the child's desire to overcome a conflict in his family, which he wishes to eradicate.

The fact that the little one gets beat the giant it may mean that there is indeed something inside the place where you live that does not make you feel comfortable, and getting rid of it will make you feel better. The background of happiness It comes when the boy manages to finish off the giant, or ally with him to safeguard the triumph of his house.

If the child manages to shelve the giant or become his friend, it will mean that little by little he is ending with issues that inside him did not let him continue as well as he wanted, and he finally succeeds in this dream.

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