Problems faced by single mothers

Problems faced by single mothers

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Many women feel the need to be mothers, despite not having a partner with whom to build a 'classic' family. And many women decide to be mothers despite everything, even if it means starting the journey alone.

The main challenge these women face before they are even a mother is the process of deciding whether or not they really want to be a single mother.

Surely when you were little you let your imagination run wild as a result of the stories and movies of princesses in which a perfect prince charming would appear, you would fall in love, you would get married and you would have children forever. Surely in your wishes and dreams of princesses you did not consider having a child by yourself. This is going to be the main problem that you are going to have to face. It is not during pregnancy or childbirth or raising your child, but before, when your head and your heart begin to consider that you want to have a child but that the circumstances are not what you had imagined.

That decision process that will take a while will be full of fear, anguish, insecurity It will not be a simple decision, nor an easy path. You will have to elaborate the small duel of accepting that surely this is not the situation that you had imagined, that this is not the perfect situation that since childhood you dreamed of a fairy tale. That in this story that is your life there is no prince but you do want to have the possibility of being a mother. You will have to accept that things in life are not always the way we want and that life confronts you with situations that at first we had not imagined could be like this. You will have to accept that you have reached this moment in your life with the circumstances that accompany you and that if you really want to be a mother, you will have to face many things on your own.

When you have made your decision, I can assure you that the rest of the way will not be easy but I consider that if your decision is firm, you have already done the most difficult. Now you will have the strength and energy to face any problem that being a single mother entails.

Keep in mind one of the problems that you will probably face, it will be to face the prejudices of society. That although it seems that we are all very liberal, deep down in people's hearts, they follow the idea of ​​'poor child who is being raised without a father'. When surely that child is much more loved and desired than many others who may have that father figure in their life.

As a single mother you know that from the moment you conceive your child you will have to go through all the moments of pregnancy, childbirth and the different moments of parenting, schools, problems with friends, homework, you alone Or are you going to have to find someone to accompany you at those times, a friend, a sister, your mother. But if your decision is firm and you have support from family and friends, you will surely be the best mother in the world for your child.

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