Why you should never humiliate a child

Why you should never humiliate a child

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Humiliation is a way of hurting dignity of a person, of destroying him and almost trampling him. How would it benefit to humiliate a child either in public or in private? I can tell you: nothing.

Humiliation, whether public or private, is a strategy that is not new but that many parents (unfortunately) use to try to discipline their children, and the most current is to do it in public, even taking advantage of social networks. A sad and degrading way of educating children, who need a good example and not a humiliation.

Children who have parents who use humiliation and shame on their children as tools to 'educate' them will be more likely to use similar strategies with other children. So if parents humiliate their children in private, in public, or online, what are they teaching their children? Are the children learning good ways to act? Obviously not.

Humiliating children in public or in private is like when children are bullied. The feeling of helplessness and little dignity is the same, are there really parents who make children suffer in this way?

The humiliation and the shame always will have serious and negative consequences on children and that is why it should never be used. As an adult, would you like to be humiliated in your family or at work to teach you to do better? So the answer why it is not valid for children answers itself. Let's look at some consequences:

- Humiliation on the Internet is a humiliation that can reach many people in a matter of minutes, and to top it all it's content that can last online forever. Damage to a child's reputation can be damaged as quickly as clicking on a photo.

- For children to grow up healthy and happy they must trust their parents. Trust is the foundation of psychological security. If parents humiliate their children, it is a serious breach of trust, an undeniable emotional wound, and a broken bond with the child.

- The psychological effects of shame and humiliation include a decrease in self-esteem and a sense of dignity, self-efficacy and even can lead to depression, anxiety and very high stress.

What's worse than not being able to trust your own parents? Know that power-based parenting does not work in the long term, and the best parenting is one in which all family members act as a team to solve problems. Parents must respect the child, set limits and norms, but never resort to the psychic violence of humiliation or shame.

Children deserve respect, dignity, and the opportunity to have good adult role models with whom to learn and develop appropriately in order to become successful adults.

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