My mobile in my baby's booties

My mobile in my baby's booties

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The summer temperatures are ideal to go for a walk with my baby in the late afternoon. These walks are an ideal exercise for parents and an enriching activity for the baby who can observe from his chair how the world goes by around him. But sometimes, looking outside is not the only thing my baby wants and he starts playing with everything he has on hand.

One of her favorite hobbies is her own feet. Fascinated by them, he moves his legs and rubs his feet against each other until he is able to take off his shoes. When the laces are so tight that this mission is costly and sometimes impossible, with that flexibility that characterizes him, he reaches for his shoes with his hands and, when he pulls them, they literally fly off. As a consequence, I have to be very aware of him so that he does not lose them, because on one occasion I could not find the other pair of the pair and I had to buy new ones, three days after having released the ones he lost.

After that and retracing my steps a lot of times to see where her shoe had fallen in the hope of finding it, I came up with the idea of ​​writing down my mobile number on the inside of her booties, shoes and booties with an indelible marker, the kind that cannot be erased, so that whoever found them could call me to give it back. And this has happened twice already and I have avoided having to buy a new pair of shoes when the old ones had not yet outgrown.

The first time, a young boy called me to tell me that he had seen the shoe on the sidewalk and when I picked it up he had seen my mobile number inside. He happened to be passing by, and he told me that he would drop it off at a nearby cafeteria where he could drop by at any time to pick it up. Another day, I received a call from an older woman, who was full of praise for the originality of this idea, when she called me. We met in a nearby playground and during our meeting she lamented that at the time when she had her children and they were small, communications were not as advanced as now.

And it is that since they are small, parents have to get used to marking everything with their name and telephone number. At first, it's the booties and shoes, and why not also the bear, the pacifier and the blanket. Babies have a terrible stage where they love to put the law of gravity to the test and like to throw whatever their hands have on the ground so that their parents will bend over and over to pick it up. However, later with their admission to nursery school or every return to school marking textbooks and all kinds of clothing is one of the best ideas that parents can have to locate everything they can lose.

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