Flowers on crepe paper II. Crafts for kids

Flowers on crepe paper II. Crafts for kids

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Themanual activities They are the best pastime for children to develop their imagination and fantasy, while enriching their intellectual capacity. A simple activity to stimulate children's creativity

It is a great and very original ideal for children to give on birthdays, theMother's Day or Father's Day, for example. The elderly will love receiving such a precious gift at the hands of the smallest of the house.

  • Colored crepe paper
  • Wood sticks
  • Zeal
  • White glue
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue

5. Glue the end of the green strip to one of the ends of the wooden stick and cover the entire stick until you reach the next one.

6. Pass the wooden stick through the center of each square, interspersing the colors, that is, first yellow, then orange and then red. Repeat the operation.

7. Once you have finished putting all the squares on the stick, join the tips of the same and you have to glue the base of the set to the stick, using a piece of tape.

8. The flower is here! How beautiful they are and how well they look as a decoration. One tip is to make several and each one of different colors. And also, stick a leaf to the stick. Now it only remains to put it in a corner of the house. It can be placed in a glass vase, in a flowerpot or simply decorate a little corner of the house with the flower. It is a very happy and easy craft to do.

Craft made by Clara Zevallos and Rocío Yusty

Video: Crepe paper puffy Heart valentines window decorations easy craft Diyvalentinesdaybest out ofwaste (June 2022).


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