Looking for a perfect gift for Mother's Day?

Looking for a perfect gift for Mother's Day?

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There are many ideas to make Mother's Day more than just a mark on the calendar. In schools, children are already putting the final touch on the craft they were preparing for their mothers, advertising campaigns are increasing to offer the perfect gift, and many families, more and more, are inclined towards the original and surprising.

Mother's Day is celebrated on different dates of the year depending on the country, with most celebrating it in the month of May, on the first, second or third Sunday of this month. What mother does not like to receive gifts? I particularly love the ones my daughter makes at school, as well as the greeting cards she makes for me. That tells me much more than a perfume or the typical handkerchief.

Among the many gift ideas I have been researching, there is one, of 5 a day Which I think is a good tip to celebrate Mother's Day with health and vitality:

1- Surprise her with a special activity: since that date always falls on a Sunday, it is an unbeatable opportunity to prepare a special family day. We propose a day in contact with nature, with a healthy picnic full of fruits and vegetables (fruit salads and varied lettuces, a healthy barbecue of vegetables ...) sharing family games (such as a bike or horse excursion). Of course, it is important that for the honoree it is a surprise, from the excursion to the picnic and activities.

2- A different gift: In order not to fall back on the hackneyed bouquet, another option is to send an original fruit basket. There are them at different prices, sizes and combinations. An elegantly presented tropical fruit basket is a gift that is sure to surprise you. We can even prepare it ourselves with a pretty basket, cellophane and a little imagination.

3- Cook it yourself: I'm sure she's the one who makes food for the family most of the time. Give him a joy on his special day and prepare him a tasty and festive menu. First we propose you some grilled asparagus with parmesan, second a loin with apple sauce and for dessert what better than to prepare a kiwi and strawberry cake or a pineapple stuffed with papaya. A healthy and colorful meal that you are sure to love. And don't forget the kisses and the hug ...

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