Eating out with celiac children

Eating out with celiac children

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Eating out is a true responsibility and constant vigilance for the parents of a celiac child. It is very common that, at the beginning of school age, celiac children encounter greater difficulties in following a diet consistent with their gluten intolerance.

The most children with celiac disease are very responsible when it comes to their diet, but there are very difficult cases for them when, for example, they start their social relationships without the supervision of their father or mother, such as going to birthdays, excursions, or simply sharing space with other children, in the school cafeteria. For the parents of a celiac child, incorporating their child into a normal social environment always implies an explanation of the disease and constant supervision of the food they may or may not eat.

As you know, celiac disease is a permanent gluten intolerance, protein present in cereals such as wheat, barley, oats and rye. It seems, therefore, easy to control if we avoid these cereals, but it is undoubtedly much more difficult than we who are oblivious to this problem believe.

Currently, there is a huge amount of processed foods that contain gluten from these cereals: sausages, ice cream, sweets, food dressings ... So, until the celiac child is old enough to be able to know and control his diet. , your parents will have to monitor food labels, and consult brands in a gluten-free food guide provided by the celiac association to which they belong.

On many occasions, we have shared a table with my celiac nieces and we have lived experiences of all kinds. For example, when we have gone to a restaurant and my brothers-in-law have asked for their daughters a plate with fried potatoes, they always warn that the potatoes should not be fried in the same oil where other foods with gluten such as croquettes or battered potatoes have been fried. all kinds, or that the ice cream should not have a waffle.

The waiter has not infrequently been perplexed by such a suggestion, usually due to ignorance, and they have had to give the pertinent explanation of the intolerance of their daughters. They are always giving explanations! Because, although this disease is becoming more and more known, there are people who still do not know it or simply do not give importance to a celiac person ingesting gluten, if it is small amounts.

The occasional ingestion of gluten does not pose a serious risk to the life of a child with celiac disease, but an inadequate absorption of the nutrients from food for proper health and development, which does not surprise me at all that, for the parents of In a celiac child, the fact that he or she eats outside the home may be a major concern.

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