Day of Saint Diana, June 8. Names for girls

Day of Saint Diana, June 8. Names for girls

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Diana is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means 'the one who carries clarity'. It is a precious name that, despite having a long tradition, remains fully topical.

The name of your daughter is closely related to Roman mythology, which gives her an air of distinction and mystery that few names can achieve. He celebrates his name day on June 8, which is the day of Saint Diana.

Due to the meaning of her name, Diana has a charismatic personality that wows her joy and dynamism. Diana triumphs in social relationships because of her wit and sympathy and also has a character of service to others that make her the fundamental figure on which both family and friends rely.

The name Diana is known in all languages ​​with hardly any variations. We only find the form Diane in French, but in any case, it is a name of exceptional beauty capable of highlighting the sensitivity and sweetness of any girl.

The mythological Diana was none other than the Roman goddess of the Moon, the forests and the hunt, with connotations of strength and ingenuity like no other. So your daughter will come prepared to face any situation with courage. But we know many other personalities who were named after your daughter, such as singers Diana Krall and Diana Ross.

Although if there is one person who popularized the name of your daughter to make it one of the most beloved, it was Diana of Wales, also known as Lady Di, who became a social icon after her death.

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