Kids' games. The chess

Kids' games. The chess

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I know, chess doesn't seem like child's play. When we talk about children's games of course no one, at first, thinks of their little 'Kasparov', in front of the chess board, thinking of game strategies and having a great time with it.

Board games offer us very good alternatives to outdoor games, since the child needs to play at all times, places and circumstances. Chess above all is a game of strategy that requires a high dose of concentration. At first, we only have to pretend that the child learns to move each of the pieces and with this he will make his first steps, but once they become interested in playing and control the rules of the game, they will develop, learn and remember more and better skills in the game. game.

Chess is an excellent game to enhance the child's concentration, memory and creativity. It can be a really deep and profitable game for the child if we consider that the child plays by making a single choice among several alternatives, choosing one possibility among other possible ones, applying tactics to achieve a goal, etc. You will not deny me that this bears a certain parallel with life itself, what will be the best play? Which is the best one? Which is the one that will lead me to beat the opponent? ...

The fact that our children begin to play chess from an early age can be very beneficial for them, both in intellectual development as well as in social and emotional, although of course some availability is required of them, impositions are useless. It must mean, above all, an enjoyment for him, although it must be recognized that if the child has an interest in the game, he will be able to improve and develop many aspects of his intellectual formation such as a greater power of analysis and synthesis, organization, planning, logical reasoning -mathematician, problem solving and decision-making in more or less adverse circumstances.

From the emotional point of view, although at first they receive more failures than successes, you can learn from these frustrations and resist pressure, put yourself in the opponent's place, have initiative, strive to win and increase your self-esteem and confidence in itself. Chess is a great game to checkmate boredom and become champion of beneficial new skills.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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