The name and its influence on the lives of children

The name and its influence on the lives of children

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The name is, without a doubt, the first gift that parents give their children by right. What's more, choosing a baby's name is how to make a tattoo for a lifetime, it is his first 'outfit', his business card. For this reason, you have to choose it well because the name that the parents designate for their baby can influence the life and character of the little one for the rest of his life.

Some research in this regard shows that choosing certain names for the baby could make their life more or less easy. A new English study that analyzed thousands of names on birth certificates, studying their complexity and rarity, their combinations and sounds, considers:

- Female names for boys like Noah, Andrea, Ashley or Shannon, for example, are a problem for boys. It can represent quite an odyssey for the little one since it can become a source of ridicule at school or among friends.

- Girls with very feminine names, eg. Isabella, are more likely and more likely to choose careers in the humanities, while less feminine names, eg. Taylor, they choose science or math courses.

- Children who come from poorly literate parents have names that give them away and that end up being treated differently by their schoolmates. It was observed that these children ended up having poor academic performance.

- Children with very aristocratic name like royal baby Jorge Alejandro Luis, they can have low self-esteem if they don't like this name.

- Parents who choose weird names, exotic or strange to their children, they are intended not to make their children stand out but themselves. They want to feel unique. It will just leave children in an annoying situation. They will always ask you, Who gave you this name? What does this name mean?

- The common names but with a different spelling it can cause problems in pronunciation and in the child's reading ability.

- Names like Ana, María, Teresa ..., so common and frequent, can be converted to differentiate themselves from other equal names, into ‘María, la bajita’, ‘Ana, gafitas’, etc.

- Family names. Children who come up with the name of the father or grandfather often cause confusion to the little ones.

- Names of deceased relatives. It can deprive the child of his identity and makes him an ‘empty container’ where the memory of the deceased person resides.

- Hero names. Names of famous people, footballers, actors, can be an inconvenience for the child because the pressure to look like this much admired person can be transmitted. It can become a heavy burden on your development.

The British study also concludes that one in five parents regret the name they chose for their child. So now you know, names can influence children's lives, the way they think about themselves and the way their peers and friends might think of them. Choosing a name for a baby should not be a decision lightly.

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