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The Christmas miracle: The woman with leukemia who gives birth to twins

The Christmas miracle: The woman with leukemia who gives birth to twins

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Is Christmas It will be very special for Susie Rabaca, an American woman who has just given birth to her fourth and fifth child. So far the story could be the same as that of any pregnant from Mexico, Colombia, Spain or the United Kingdom, but his story is one of those that gives you goose bumps: it is the story of a woman with leukemia giving birth to twins. And it is that at Christmas, miracles exist.

Within a few months of becoming pregnant, Susie Rabaca received the worst news of her life: the doctors diagnosed her with a myeloid leukemia very aggressive. At that moment her world collapsed and she fell apart, but only for a few moments, because on her horizon she saw the light to continue taking care of her three oldest children and to be able to hug the other two who were on their way.

The doctors told him that the only way to survive this blow that life had thrown his way was to get a bone marrow transplant. At that time, a desperate search was made from within Susie's circle to find a compatible donor across America. "Finding my 'partner' is everything to me, because only then can I be with my three children and the two who are on the way," he confessed. And this is how he launched an appeal through networks with the following message: "It is something very simple and it is not a painful procedure, there is no surgery or anything. Just one blood draw can save my life and that of more people (referring to their babies), "he commented.

And his request had an effect, because very soon thousands and thousands of people joined the cause "Be The Mach" (Be my partner) to save the life of this pregnant mother and her little ones.

Rabaca was overwhelmed with so much gratitude: "With tears streaming down my face and my heart full of hope, I want to say THANK YOU LORD! And thank you from the bottom of my heart to each of the people who have said a single prayer for me. and my family! Thanks to my family, my friends and people from all over the country that I don't even know who have shown their support and, above all, who have signed up for BE THE MATCH !!!!! The trip has not finished, but it's a big step forward! Much love! Keep praying for me, thank you !!!! "

His months of searching came to a happy ending a few weeks ago when he found his donor. Just a few days after finding her 'partner', she gave birth to twins. "I would like to introduce my miracle twin babies to everyone who prayed for them, cared for them, and asked about them every day. Here are Rainey and Ryan. They are doing great, happy and hungry. They really mean life to me! Thanks again for all the support and for your prayers, thanks to them I managed to get there! ", Susie wrote on her Facebook.

Doctors say the twins are healthy and that Susie Rabaca is responding favorably to treatment and transplantation. Without a doubt, everything is possible at Christmas.

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