Give kisses to children at Christmas

Give kisses to children at Christmas

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Mom, I think I've been good. Where is Santa going to leave us presents this year? Will he bring us everything we have asked for? Have you already found out about the grades we got at school in the first term?

A few days before the celebration of Christmas Eve, my children await with the contained enthusiasm of the whole year, the arrival of Santa Claus. But do you know what you can give them? Kisses! Give kisses to children at Christmas.

Shared joy is twice as good and, immersed in the conversation of the long-awaited Christmas morning, they asked me:

- And you, what have you asked Santa Claus?

- For next year I want to have the health that I have enjoyed this year, I told them.

- Yes, but that ... is not a gift, they answered me.

- Yes it is the best gift for me and it is not easy to get it.

You have to have willpower to take care of yourself, to go out to exercise or eat in a healthy and balanced way.

With good health I can also enjoy your affection, I feel like continuing to move forward, to work, to feel new emotions and to fight to achieve new goals and objectives.

This is what matters to me and what I want to convey to you. I will love to see that on Christmas Day, when you wake up, you will feel that your effort to behave well at school and at home, throughout the year, will have been rewarded.

The gifts are there because there is someone who loves you and who will give you a kiss when you unwrap the packages.

As the psychologist and writer Javier Urra has stated, in an exclusive interview with our site, "the best gift for a child who has everything is to feel loved and receive a kiss."

A smart question we should all ask ourselves at the end of our days would be: who have I lived for? The essential thing is to teach children to love. "Finding a good Christmas gift for children, who today have everything, is not easy.

We turn to the search for good gifts for a special day, without realizing, sometimes, that what is really worth are all the altruistic feelings that lead us parents to undertake that search.

I am sure that this is the ideal time for children to realize that behind material gifts there is a lot of effort, work, love and dedication. It is worth it, if we teach them to value it. Therefore, I give you this advice: give kisses to children at Christmas. It is without a doubt the best gift you can give them.

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