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The 6 worst foods for kids and their healthy alternatives

The 6 worst foods for kids and their healthy alternatives

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From the age of 2, and except for express recommendations due to medical problems, children can eat everything, but what should they NOT eat? We have prepared for you a list with the 6 worst foods for kids,the reasons why they should disappear from your children's daily diet and the best alternative to all of them.

In general, after the introduction of the supplementary feeding, the child's diet may include almost the same foods as that of the adult (honey and whole nuts are usually excluded, and green leafy vegetables are limited for at least one year). But there are times that in this "almost everything" we include and abuse certain foods that the only thing they do is harm the child's health.

Their negative consequences may not be apparent at first, but the repetitive use of these substances can lead to future problems of being overweight or obese, among other diseases.

1. Industrial bakery
Sugar and unhealthy fats (usually hydrogenated fats and trans fats) are abundant in these products, their consumption in childhood being a risk of developing serious heart problems and hypercholesterolemia in adulthood.

Industrial pastries should be avoided, and, occasionally, it can be substituted for some homemade cake, controlling the amount of sugar and watching the type of fats used in its preparation.

2. Soft drinks and industrial juices
In addition to the high sugar content, which increases the risk of diabetes and obesity, many of them are carbonated drinks, something that should be avoided in childhood.

Did you know that the acids in these drinks can damage tooth enamel? In addition, the risk of cavities increases exponentially, since the sugar remains in the mouth for a much longer time as it is liquid.

Unfortunately, the same happens with natural juices, so it is better to replace both with the original piece of fruit, with all its fiber and a glass of water or milk.

3. Precooked
Normally these products (pizzas, hamburgers, hotdogs ...) tend to contain unhealthy fats, in addition to more sugar and salt than recommended, and it is preferable to replace them with their homemade counterparts.

4. Breakfast cereals
Like cookies, large amounts of sugar make children's breakfast cereals a food to avoid. It is important to always read the labels and avoid, above all, those products in which sugar is among the 3 main ingredients.

Substitutes can be found in less processed cereals, such as oatmeal or porridge, or in a slice of toast.

5. Soluble cocoa
It may seem not, but cocoa is not usually the first ingredient in this food, but appears second, just behind sugar. Simple sugar is one of the great enemies of health, increasing the risk of obesity, diabetes and dental problems, among others.

Your healthy alternative: cocoa made at home based on cocoa as pure as possible, and adding the minimum essential sugar. Children quickly get used to change and your health will thank you!

6. Salty snacks
In this case, salt is the ingredient to avoid. This seasoning is harmful, above all, for the heart, and can increase the risk of circulatory problems and especially high blood pressure.

Naturally roasted nuts are a much healthier option and also provide healthy fats, fat-soluble vitamins and some minerals that are difficult to find in other foods.

As you can see, both the child and the whole family can eat healthy and delicious without having to have this type of food in your diet. Take note of the alternative we offer you and ... sign up for the healthy nutrition!

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