Recipes of appetizers and starters for children at Christmas

Recipes of appetizers and starters for children at Christmas

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Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas lunch is a great time for kids to put on their aprons and help their parents in the kitchen. They can participate in the preparation of the Christmas menu, especially if their tasks are easy and quick to prepare.

We suggest that the children collaborate in the preparation of Christmas appetizers, starters and canapés with these delicious ideas that we offer you. They will have fun, and they will feel involved and proud that the family tastes their creations, don't you think?

We give you easy, original, fun and cheap ideas of appetizers, both for Christmas lunches or dinners, with the children. With these Christmas recipes for children you will be able to illuminate any face during these Christmas holidays.

What do we eat at Christmas? This is one of the questions that most concern parents, grandparents ... at this time. They want something special, something different or to surprise children, family and friends. We have dived into Christmas gastronomy and have selected some recipes for Christmas. You will surely like it!

Recipes of first courses for Christmas. On our site you can find recipes for first courses for children at Christmas. Ideas to prepare delicious soups, purees, salads or cocktails to have at lunch or dinner on Christmas or Christmas Eve.

Recipes of main courses for Christmas. our site brings you recipes for main courses for children at Christmas. Ideas to prepare delicious stews of meat, baked fish, turkey or other recipes to have at lunch or dinner on Christmas or Christmas Eve.

Dessert recipes with fruits for Christmas. Fruit desserts are one of the best choices you can make at Christmas. Between so much heavy dinner, you will appreciate these recipes on our site, light, fast and simple with which you will get children to eat fruit. Recipes with fruits, rich and healthy for children.

Homemade Christmas mantecados recipes. Recipe for homemade mantecados, very typical at Christmas, although they can be taken at any time of the year. Simple recipe for homemade Mantecados.

Varied polvorones recipes. Polvorones recipes for Christmas. We suggest you make your own homemade polvorones. They are very simple recipes in which your children can participate.

Homemade nougat recipes for Christmas. Nougat is one of the best-known and most popular Christmas sweets among children. Homemade nougat recipes to make with children at Christmas. Easy Christmas nougat recipes. We teach you step by step how to make almond, chocolate, marzipan nougat, and many others.

Cookie recipes for Christmas. Ideas to prepare cookies for Christmas. When the Christmas dates arrive, Christmas pasta, nougat and cookies are a food that can never be missing in our homes. Rich in vitamin B1, they help improve the physical, mental and emotional abilities of children.

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