Christmas recipes for second courses for pregnant women

Christmas recipes for second courses for pregnant women

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Christmas meals often feature hearty second courses like roast chicken or turkey. If you are pregnant you do not have to give up these delicious recipes, because there are many light and ideal options for future moms.

Pregnant women have to eat a particularly healthy and balanced diet to ensure their health and that of the baby. Of course, with these recipes you can also enjoy a good dinner or Christmas lunch.

Whether meat or fish, these delicious dishes are ideal for a family Christmas dinner. Check out this list of recipes for the main Christmas dish, for pregnant women:

Turkey breast with plums. An original plum sauce to give a different flavor to turkey breasts, the combination will delight children. easy recipe for kids of turkey with plum sauce. How to make turkey fillet with plums step by step.

Sole with orange. Sole is a highly valued fish in gastronomy for its fine white meat. Guiainfantil offers you a light, nutritious and energetic recipe, ideal for both lunch and dinner for children.

Chicken terrine with pistachios. Chicken terrine with pistachios recipe to eat with children. Cold recipes for the picnic with the children. How to make, step by step, a recipe for a chicken terrine with pistachios for children.

Sea bass in salt. Sea bass, due to its low gauze content and its various nutrients, is an ideal fish for a good diet. Taste it with salt with a few drops of lemon. Baked sea bass recipe with salt and lemon. Salted fish recipe with lemon.

Minced meat pie and puff pastry. Simple recipe to make a puff pastry filled with minced meat step by step. Easy dishes for children. Learn to cook in a few steps.

Duck with orange. A crunchy and aromatic typical Christmas dish, with this orange duck you will make your table a sure success at Christmas, everyone will love it! Easy recipe for roast duck with orange.

Grilled chicken. Roast chicken is a traditional recipe that is ideal for children because of how easy it is to chew and how tasty its meat is, especially with this recipe in the oven.

Salmon with cava sauce. A plate rich in protein and Omega 3, to take care of the health of your family even at Christmas dinner. This salmon in cava gives you nutrients and also has a very special flavor. Salmon recipe for children.

Baked lamb chops. Baked lamb chops. Recipes for children. Guiainfantil proposes you a healthy, simple and very easy recipe for children's lunch or dinner. With this classic oven-roasted lamb chops recipe, kids can eat with their bare hands and lick their fingers.

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