She doesn't go to her best friend's birthday because she is not vaccinated

She doesn't go to her best friend's birthday because she is not vaccinated

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Vaccines yes or vaccines no? The controversy is served and it does not stop generating a lot of noise. The latest news comes from Australia, a country that this summer released a law that was going to penalize parents who did not vaccinate their children, where there has been a harsh verbal confrontation between a mother in favor of vaccines and one against.

Know the history of a girl who doesn't go to her best friend's birthday because she is not vaccinated and the consequences of this action.

The fact that some parents choose for not vaccinating It is a difficult situation for their children that other parents and even teachers find it uncomfortable and makes, as has happened in Australia, that two mothers confront each other and become enemies.

And that's how a mother banned her daughter's best friend from entering her birthday because she was not vaccinated. "After sending the invitations to my daughter's birthday party, I discovered that one of her dance partners was not vaccinated," wrote the mother.

The reasons for carrying out this decision were none other than endangering the health of her daughter and another boy from the dance school in which everyone participates and who is in the process of overcoming leukemia. "Someone who is not vaccinated could kill him," he said.

Mother of the unvaccinated girl he quickly went into a rage and his reaction was none other than to ask the director of the academy for the immediate expulsion of the vaccinated girl.

The owner of the school, an elderly woman who did not even have people these days who did not vaccinate their children, decided to implement a new rule in which all students had to be up to date on the subject of vaccination and In this way, the girl who was not had to leave the center.

"I felt bad for the little girl -explains the mother of the vaccinated girl- it's not her fault, but her mother is a psychopath," he said.

It is clear that when it comes to vaccinate children, The debate for and against can be heated with parents who often have strong opinions on the issue.

Which are the most important vaccines? Is it necessary to vaccinate the child for everything? My pediatrician's response was clear in this regard: "All vaccines are momentous."

And is that each of them can prevent a different disease such as chickenpox, diphtheria, Hib, hepatitis A, liver disease B, influenza, measles, rubella, tetanus, rotavirus, mumps, pertussis (whooping cough), polio, and pneumococcal disease.

So why is there so much debate about giving or not giving vaccines? Are vaccines a business? We parents doubt many times and, sometimes, the only criterion to take into account is money. How much does your child's life cost?

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