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The Difficulty and the Fun of Having Teenagers

The Difficulty and the Fun of Having Teenagers

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So many things are said around adolescence that few parents look forward to this stage of development with enthusiasm and optimism. Most of them feel a little scared when they think about what awaits them when their children grow up… That is why we wanted to describe some of the difficult things that they will be able to face with their children in this period, but also the fun and exciting ones, which are not they are few, so that this time the balance is fairer. This is the difficult and the fun of having teenage children.

1. Your opinions and critical thinking

- The hard
They stop believing in everything you tell them. From the age of 9, when our children approach this stage, they become more critical and question much more the why of certain issues. Before, our explanations were enough to convince them of anything, but now, things have changed.

- What fun
It's amazing to see how they gradually develop more critical thinking and start asking questions about things that were previously overlooked. If you can observe this phenomenon from the correct perspective, you will be able to enjoy it more than suffer it. You will be able to hold new talks with them and even joke about more adult topics as they grow up, which is a very enriching experience that can also bring you closer to them.

2. Your personal appearance

- The hard
There begins to be confrontations on issues of personal appearance. Hairstyle and clothing can be a source of arguments It may be that the style that your child prefers is not what you would choose, however, it is the one that he likes and that is important enough to make an effort and, as far as possible, negotiate and have an open mind to let him experiment. .

- What fun
If you are open and cooperative without making judgments all the time, it may be that you run with the benefit of asking for your opinion on what to wear to the party on Saturday or what to wear to a concert and even become a bit of an accomplice. This is when parents and children can do different activities together: going to the beauty salon together, advising their children on shaving ... Those moments can be as exciting as when you saw them walk for the first time.

3. Relationship with parents

- The hard
Before they were happy to chase you even when you were in the bathroom to talk to you and have you close. Family meals made them excited and they couldn't imagine a better plan than being with Mom and Dad on the weekend no matter where. Now they do not seem so enthusiastic about such plans, in fact, they have almost all their time spent on outings with their friends, who seem to be the center of their world.

- What fun
If you are clear that this is perfectly normal and does not have to do with being loved less; You can start enjoying time for yourself, go to the movies, read a good book, have a coffee, sign up for that yoga class you've been craving for so long, etc.

4. Your interests

- The hard
It may be that at this time they jump from one interest to another with incredible speed, dragging you with them; That something that seemed fascinating to them in a short time loses its appeal, giving rise to something new and it costs you a little to keep up by enrolling them in different activities, taking them to games, tournaments, exhibitions, camps, etc.

- What fun
If you pay attention, you will be able to enjoy and witness the moment when they discover those things that will truly make them happy and that will be decisive in their future life (and enjoy the process with them).

5. Your autonomy

- The hard
Soon they will learn to be self-reliant, they will learn to drive a car, to make their own decisions (which you may not always like, by the way) and little by little they will need your help less, which can be bittersweet.

- What fun
No matter how much they grow and how much they stop depending on your help, they will always need to feel close to you. You, meanwhile, will have the enormous gift and great satisfaction of seeing them gradually grow into adults and take their place in the world while still being there for them.

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