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10 Christmas sayings. Christmas phrases

10 Christmas sayings. Christmas phrases

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Gallery with Christmas postcards with Christmas sayings to share with friends and family


With this saying: 'On Christmas Eve and at Christmas, the hottest house embers are', He advises us to take advantage of the Christmas season to be close to our family and friends. May we fill the house with warmth and family gathering.

The Christmas saying 'Whoever you see in espadrilles for Christmas, do not ask how they are doing', refers to moderating our comments with people who seem to have financial difficulties at Christmas. advises parents not to let their children show off gifts to children who do not have them. Encourage them to share and donate toys.

With that saying, 'Until Christmas comes, don't start pruning', it means that before the holidays, we do not spend everything we have or stop meeting commitments. suggests that we explain each saying to our children. Much can be learned from it.

The Christmas season is approaching again and like everything else, it is filled with phrases and quotes regarding such a beautiful holiday. Share with you one of the most popular sayings: Garlic for Christmas, neither born nor to be sown. He advises us to focus only on what really makes sense at Christmas.

The Christmas saying, 'Do not praise or praise until seven Christmases', emphasizes that the more the judgments, whatever they are, are considered and weighed, the better. invites us to reflect on Christmas.

With the saying 'Christmas oven has no rest', advises families to get together to play, to chat, as well as to make delicious and healthy Christmas recipes with the children.

With the saying 'New year, new life', our site invites us to take advantage of a new year that is beginning, to renew our lives, create new illusions, new challenges, and become close to family.

Time passes very fast. So fast that we live one Christmas today and then another one comes. That saying: From Christmas to Christmas, only one year goes, invites us and makes us reflect on time. One year, fly! invites us to learn with this saying, to live in the present, always. Happy Holidays!

This saying: For Christmas, save your home, advises to stay with our family at Christmas time to be able to share with our loved ones, moments as endearing as Christmas. invites us to be with the family during the Christmas holidays.

There is nothing that represents Christmas than being home to gather family and friends to celebrate the most bonding holidays of the year. He has selected that saying: At Christmas, happy is the one who sees his home, so that you can congratulate your loved ones on Christmas. Merry Christmas!

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