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14 beautiful and traditional names made with Mary for girls

14 beautiful and traditional names made with Mary for girls

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When we find out that we are going to be parents, one of the first decisions we are going to have to face is to find a nice name for our future baby. Many parents who cannot decide on a single name, choose two, giving rise to beautiful formations. To help everyone find pretty compound names with Maria for girls, we have made a selection of the best ideas. Don't miss them!

During pregnancy there are two star questions among our family and friends that we are going to face on more than one occasion: do you already know if it is a boy or a girl? and what are you going to call them?

The first answer is left to chance, but the second is a responsibility, because the name will accompany our little girl all her life. And here, more than fashions or trends, there are tastes and desires. There are parents who are more classic or traditional, others whose religion or spirituality weighs more, or they may be more modern and even get carried away by the nickname of a television character. In any case, all the names are accurate.

And why settle for one when it can be two? Compound names are always a good option. There are many theories behind its origin and possibly all of them are correct. Formerly girls were named after both grandmothers. Thus both families were given joy. Also, after the name chosen by the parents, the name that marks the saint's day of their birth is usually added. And, religion continues to weigh heavily.

If you choose a more modern or ‘geek’ name for your daughter, she cannot be baptized by the Church if she is not accompanied by another who honors a saint. This is my case: as you know my name is Azucena, but since there is no saint Azucena, despite being the flower preferred by the Virgin Mary, I ended up calling myself María Azucena and thus I could be baptized.

The possibilities are endless when combining two names, but since our ears are used to conventional formulas, these are the ones that end up being imposed. And here the name of Maria has a lot to say. Statistically it is the most used in the compound names of females.

In the XXI century, María is the star name in countries like Spain, Chile and Mexico, but there is no corner in the world where when saying Mary or Marie some woman does not turn her head. Its origin goes back to Hebrew and means "the one loved by God", "the chosen one". And it is that, Mary was chosen by the Christian God to be the mother of his son Jesus. However, this beautiful name transcends religion. It is a nickname that conveys serenity, generosity and a lot of love.

If you are thinking about your newborn daughter having a compound name, without a doubt, María offers the widest range of possibilities and with it you will surely have the approval of family and friends. A great success! And it is that, who does not have a Maria in his inner circle? Since We propose some combinations that can inspire you with Maria in front.

1. Maria Jose
María José is the most popular combination. Although Joseph is a masculine name what is intended here is the union of both the mother and the putative father of Jesus. It is of Hebrew origin and is translated as "the one magnified by God."

2. Maria Fernanda
Of Germanic origin which means "the one who fights for peace". Without a doubt, it is a very appropriate name for daring and daring little girls.

3. Maria Guadalupe
Its roots are Arab and its origin is in the Guadalupe River (Extremadura, Spain) so its meaning is "river of love". With the Conquest it ended up being popular for its Marian dedication, thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe, which would later end up in Mexico, where it has always been and is highly venerated. In Mexican lands there is also talk of a Nahuatl origin, where then its interpretation is "that which crushes the snake".

4. Mary of the Angels
Here Mary is interpreted not only as the mother of Jesus, but also of all the angels. Its origin is Greek and it is translated as “the messenger of the angels”.

5. Maria Isabel
Maria Isabel means "promise of God". With Latin roots, its literal translation leads us to speak of "health" and "beauty".

6. Maria Camila
"The one who keeps the fire" or "the one who is in front of God" can be his interpretation. Camila is the female version of Camilo, patron saint of the sick. Its origin is Latin.

7. Maria Celeste
This name is associated with "the one who belongs to heaven." Its roots are Greek with clear spiritual references.

8. Maria del Carmen
Of Hebrew origin, it is interpreted as "the garden of God." It is associated with strong women, full of energy and who fight for their ideals. It is one of the most popular names in Spain, since this virgin is considered the patron saint of the sea.

9. Maria Eugenia
It comes from the Greek in its feminine version of Eugene. Widely used originally among the aristocracy and royalty as it means "of noble lineage".

10. Maria Victoria
This combination denotes greatness. It speaks of strength and security that end in triumph, since its meaning is "victorious".

11. Dulce Maria
Here we give priority to affection and love, since Dulce derives from the Latin ‘dulcis’ and translates to “which is pleasant and sweet”.

12. Maria Elena
Elena is a name of Greek origin. Did you know what “bright like the sun” means? It will be a small one with its own light.

13. Maria Paz
This name finds its roots in Latin. And it means "tranquility", "serenity". It is a name with many spiritual connotations.

14. Maria Teresa
Teresa is also a name of Latin origin, which translates as "divine hunter." Santa Teresa de Jesús or Santa Teresa de Calcutta have popularized it.

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