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How to Treat Asthma During Pregnancy

How to Treat Asthma During Pregnancy

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Asthma is a lung condition that can compromise people's lives, if it is not treated properly. In the event that asthma affects a woman in full pregnancy, it can cause her to experience a complex stage from a metabolic point of view and, therefore, she will need special attention to avoid complications for her health and that of her baby.

A study published in New England Journal of Medicine ensures that not treating the ailment adequately during pregnancy can cause complications such as high blood pressure, premature birth or underweight children, while recommending avoiding oral medications in those months, unless they are essential.

Recent research has shown that there is scientific evidence that hormonal fluctuations could directly influence the inflammation of the airways of women and that would explain one of the reasons why asthma in some women evolves in parallel with their hormonal development.

It also supports the theory of premenstrual asthma that affects 57 percent of asthmatic women. The treatment of this disease is therefore essential for the proper development of the fetus and despite the prejudices surrounding some of the most commonly used drugs to combat pulmonary hyperventilation, it has been shown that an asthmatic attack involves a decrease in the supply of oxygen to the fetus, a danger far greater than the administration of appropriate steroids or bronchodilators.

It is known that asthmatics under treatment enjoy healthier pregnancies, thus increasing the probability of having healthy children.

The professors recommend that women without children who are considering becoming pregnant, assess the situation together with their gynecologist and project a preventive therapeutic plan in which immunotherapy resources could be used, which usually do not have adverse effects as long as they are started before the conception.

One of the institutions that has studied the subject in depth, the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, has specified that asthmatic pregnant women should:

1- Strictly comply with the preventive therapeutic plan indicated by the doctor, and approved by the gynecologist so that the chronic inflammation of the airways is under control.

2- Stay away from the factors that trigger allergic or asthmatic reactions, as well as always consult a professional before taking medications.

3- Practice physical exercises in moderation as long as they are not asthma inducers. This physical routine should also be controlled by a professional.

4- Get vaccinated against the flu virus if the second or third trimester of pregnancy falls in autumn or winter. Environmental pollution and climate changes are two of the factors that have multiplied the cases of this disease in the world.

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